The idea of blogging and making money from a blog is often one of the first ideas considered by online newcomers for earning a living online.

Whether it’s possible or not to do this really depends on who you ask.

Certainly there are some people blogging and making money for their efforts.

People such as Gary Vaynerchuck and Neil Patel are well known bloggers who have hundreds of thousands of followers. They would be making a very comfortable living from not only from their blogging, but from other products and services they promote through their blogging website.

It’s not get rich quick!

If you have decided that blogging is your pathway to riches then be prepared for the long haul.

It’s going to take you literally months of work, and many long hours to plan, develop and post the content related to the niche you’ve decided to work on.

What is a Blog?

  • A blog (or Weblog) consists of a page, or a number of pages usually on website that contains content that is regularly updated that readers find informative, educational and/or entertaining.

Apart from blogging to make money people are motivated to set up a blog for a variety of reasons:

  • Establishing themselves as an expert on a particular subject
  • Establishing a business brand
  • Setting up or promoting a cause
  • Promoting a business and its services
  • And more…
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8 Ways of making money from blogging

Recently I came across a well researched and written article on blogging and making money which appeared on Elegant Themes Blog.

Elegant Themes is the well known developer of premium WordPress themes and other digital applications. Their Divi theme is one of most popular WordPress themes in use today.

They have just released Divi version 4.0 which you can check out here

The article, which you can read here outlines 8 ways that bloggers can generate an income from their blog which include:

  • Native advertising
  • Sponsored content
  • Becoming an influencer
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Providing digital content
  • eBooks
  • Courses
  • Membership communities/paywalls

30 great blog examples

People establish blogs in just about any niche you can imagine.

If you need further encouragement about blogging, this website has 30 great examples of the different types of blogs that are out there.

Also, if the idea of becoming a blogger appeals to you then my free report “10 Blog Post Ideas You Can Create In 10 Minutes Or Less” could be helpful – you can download it from here

Blogging and making money -summary

In this article I’ve attempted to provide you with a very broad overview of the world of blogging and making money from your efforts.

We live in the information age and I think it’s true to say that blogging and bloggers make a big contribution to that body of information.

Some of that information is superb, and some of it…..well, you decide!

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