You’ve been given Cpanel login details from your webhost… now what do you do?

In my case I didn’t have a clue. In fact I didn’t even know what a Cpanel was!

Yet, if like me you’re going to set and up operate an online business, you will need to know at least a little bit about Cpanel, and how to use it.

So….the purpose of this blog post is to briefly explain what Cpanel is, and provide an overview of the main elements you will need to know how to use to manage your web hosting service, and your website.

What is Cpanel?

Cpanel is an abbreviation for the term Control Panel.

It refers to a Control Panel dashboard which is provided to you by your website host to control your website’s hosting service, and some tools and functions associated with managing your website.

Not every website host will give their customers access to a Cpanel, but most will. For example the two website hosts I use, Siteground, and D9 Hosting both have given me access to a Cpanel to manage my website.

What do I use Cpanel for?

Here’s a very short summary of just 5 helpful things you can use Cpanel for:

  1. Instal WordPress on your web site
  2. Add a new email account which includes your domain name
  3. Add a new domain name, and/or a sub domain name
  4. Upload, download and manage your website files
  5. Backup your website

If you go to this website, it has a good explanation of each of these Cpanel functions.

Cpanel login – get these advanced tutorials

There are perhaps several dozen actions or functions you can perform using your Cpanel.

The problem for us newbie website developers and users is that Cpanel wasn’t designed for us.

It was designed to make it easy for web developers who had to manage multiple websites for their clients or the websites of large companies.

So, when using your Cpanel login for the first time and you see the panel laid out in front of you chances are you’re going to feel somewhat overwhelmed and lost.

It is however going to be worth your while to get a good understanding of what you can do with your Cpanel, and how to do it.

To make it easy to learn how to do that I’ve secured access for you to a series of over the shoulder training modules. The training covers most of the important parts of Cpanel.

The video below provides an overview of what is covered.

To get access to the Cpanel training package of 20 videos click the button below

Summary – CPanel Login: So Now What?

For many website users getting their Cpanel login is the start of a nightmare.

Why? Because unless you know what you are doing, or you get someone to show you what to do it can mean hours of nervous frustration, and hit or miss experimentation.

And all the while you’re hoping you don’t do something that will muck up your website, or your website hosting.

The Cpanel training on offer here is a great way to get to learn how to use this important website management tool.

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