Do you have trouble deciding on content for your subscribers which is relevant to their needs and areas of interest?

If so, you might find the following to be as useful as I did when I first came across this content which mainly comes from a strategy put forward by digital marketing guru Ryan Deiss.

How And Why People Use The Internet

People globally of course use the internet for a variety of reasons, including for:

  • information
  • education
  • entertainment
  • shopping
  • socialising
  • selling products and services
  • etc

But one of the very common reasons people use the internet is to find solutions to their problems.

What Problems Do Your Potential And Actual Customers Have?

I’ve mentioned in previous blog post about the importance of doing the research needed to clearly identify your customer avatar.

If you haven’t yet done this, then take the time now to watch this excellent video tutorial on creating your ideal avatar presented by Justin Whaling.

The 7th question Justin covers in his video is “What keeps them up at night?”

In other words, what are their important problems?

So, having developed your customer avatar, and have considered what their main problems might be, what does this have to do with deciding on content for your subscribers.

I think the answer is pretty obvious……if you can demonstrate effectively how you can provide a solution to your subscriber’s problem then the chances are pretty good of getting a sale from them.

So, let’s delve a little deeper into how to decided on content.

Deciding On Content For Your Subscribers…The Before and After State

The strategy that Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketer designed was the so called before and after state analysis.

He basically put together an 8 question grid and he suggests that before you create or market another offer — go through this exercise.

Ask yourself these eight questions:

  1. What does your prospect HAVE in the “Before” state?
  2. What does your prospect HAVE in the “After” state?
  3. How does your prospect FEEL in the “Before” state?
  4. How does your prospect FEEL in the “After” state?
  5. What is an AVERAGE DAY like for your prospect in the “Before” state?
  6. What is an AVERAGE DAY like for your prospect in the “After” state?
  7. What is your prospect’s STATUS in the “Before” state?
  8. What is your prospect’s STATUS in the “After” state?

Taking time to write down your answers will give some initial and important clarity about your avatar’s problems.

The next set of questions will help you delve even deeper into understanding how you can help you in deciding on content you can provide that will help solve your subscribers’s problems.

What Problem Am I Helping My Subscriber Solve?

Here are the extra questions

What Problem Am I Trying To Help Solve?

  • What are my client’s problems/challenges
  • How are these problems impacting their life, job or business?
  • What is the worst case scenario they are facing if their problem isn’t resolved?
  • What will they lose if they don’t get that problem solved?
  • What has stopped them from find a solution sooner?

My Client’s Ideal Goals and Desires

  • How does the client describe the solution they need to solve their problem?
  • What will change/improve in their life, job or business when they have their problems solved?I
  • How will my clients feel once their problem is solved?
  • If my ideal client could wave a magic wand and have the ideal solution to their problem, what specifically would that solution look like?

Summary – Deciding On Content For Your Subscribers

The processes I’ve outlined in this blog article will hopefully help you achieve a number of things.

First you will have clarity about your customer avatar.

Next you will have a clear understanding then of your target audience and what their needs and want are

And finally, armed with your understanding of your avatar’s problems and the solutions they are seeking to that problem will help ensure that you design content, and marketing offers that are highly relevant and significant to your avatar.

As a result, more sales, and more satisfied and loyal subscribers will be much more likely to happen!

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