The image above is not to a video – it’s a snapshot from John Thornhills webinar promotion of his coaching program

Thank you for your interest in John Thornhill’s 12 month self paced coaching and mentoring program for people who have that entrepreneurial spirit.

And…..who want to learn from a master the process from beginning to end of how to create your own products and services and to market and distribute them successfully online.

It doesn’t really matter what your product or service might be.

Do you have a particular skill, or area of knowledge that you would like to share, or perhaps coach others in?

Are you passionate about a particular topic, hobby or interest?

Are there learnings from your own life experiences that others would find useful that you’re willing to share (e.g. parenting, dieting, health management, travel…..)?

There’s the strong likelihood that whatever that particular skill, passion or interest you have, there’s people around the world who would benefit from your sharing, and be prepared to pay you for what you can teach them.

And that’ what John Thornhill’s coaching and mentoring program can teach you to do.

He demonstrates exactly what to do, step by step, with literally over the shoulder training.

But why don’t I let John tell his own story – checkout his information page here.