Lead generation for beginners in the online world can seem a pretty daunting undertaking if you’ve never done that kind of thing before.

So, in this blog article I want to share a few tips for getting started that have helped me with lead generation and list building.

A key question is, “Do I really need leads for my business?”

The answer is absolutely YES! Leads are potential customers.

Leads—especially QUALIFIED leads, are the bread and butter
of virtually any business you can think of.

So what exactly is a lead—or more specially, a QUALIFIED lead?

A qualified lead is someone who has expressed interest in what you have to offer.

They have already been qualified as being interested by giving their contact information in exchange for something related to whatever you’re selling.

Someone who subscribes to your email list is a lead, because they have given you their email address.

They have done this specifically because they were interested in either you
and your products, or in whatever freebie you gave them in order to entice them to join.

Collecting And Managing Your Leads

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, leads are essential. Leads are traffic. Leads can go on to result in all important sales.

Most people use some sort of system to collect and manage their leads.

To begin, watch this short video which outlines four easy ways to get people on to your list.

To collect and manage their leads most internet marketers will use an autoresponder.

While there are some free autoresponder options, or others that have a low initial cost, eventually you will need to sign up and pay for this service. Aweber is the autoresponder I have exclusively used ever since I’ve been conducting business online.

How To Attract Leads

Have you ever signed up online and given your email address in order to receive some sort of free offer?

If so, what did they offer you to get you to do it? If not, why did you decline?

These are the types of things you need to think about when you collect leads.

What would you expect to receive in order to convince you to part with some personal information like your email address? Your customers are likely to have similar expectations.

A common way internet markets entice people to provide an email address is to offer a free report. This can be a great way to get people to fill out your lead capture form.

But…..the kind of report or information you are offering needs to be relevant to the needs of the ideal customer that you are trying to attract to your list. And……it MUST represent value to your prospective customer.

Remember, you want QUALIFIED leads, and the way to gain a qualified lead is to offer something of value, and of relevance to your subscriber.

Think about what your average buyer would be interested in, and offer that to them.

These are basically the first baby steps you can take to start building your list.

Summary – Lead Generation For Beginners

So, when getting started on the process of getting leads for your business you need:

  • To be clear about who your audience is
  • Have a free offer that represents value to your lead
  • An autoresponder such as Aweber to collect, store the name and email details of your lead, and to have a follow up series of emails to start building a relationship with them

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    • Keith Watkins

      Really enjoyed your thorough explanation of what lead generation is about. I’ve read too many posts before that lightly skip over the fact that you have to work hard to get those leads in the first place. The video was a welcome surprise, I’m visual when its comes to content consumption. It really gives your post some real depth. The fact that I’m leaving a comment is simply because I read your post till the end, and I’ll be taking some tips.

      • anthmac

        Thank you Keith, I sincerely appreciate your comments and feedback.
        Best wishes,

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