Being continually mindful and also able to manage your mindset on a daily basis is going to be integral to your success, no matter what your project or endeavour in life is.

Before going too much further let me explain what I mean by the term “mindset”.

What Is Mindset?

Your mindset refers to your world view. It refers to the filter you have developed which influences the way you see world around you and helps to determine your response to what is happening around you.

That filter has been developed during the early years in your life and has come from influences such as your parents, siblings, teachers and other key associations and relationships you have had in your formative years.

Further adding to that filter has been the massive influence of media, particularly television, where the stuff you have watched…. daily news, promotional advertising, current affairs shows and even the movies you’ve watched for entertainment all have contributed to the blueprint for your world view.

On top of that, there will also be your life experiences up until now which have helped shaped your current mindset.

So powerful is this conditioning that I read recently in a book by Dr Joe Dispenza called “Becoming Supernatural” that most people live most of their lives in autopilot….no real thinking involved just relying on preconditioned thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

He argues that up to 90% of what we do, and how we respond to life situations is based on past programming and beliefs.

So, what personal growth gurus such as Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, Carol Dweck and many, many others advocate is that we embark on a journey of personal growth.

Manage Your Mindset Through Personal Growth Strategies

The first step in being able to manage your mindset so that you are conditioning yourself to make a success of your business to is to recognise that you WILL need a strategy to do this.

And….you’re going to have to commit to doing this on a daily basis.

To get a better undestanding of just why this is necessary, and….. if you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny, take a few minutes to listen to Joe Dispenza.

I think this video just might change the way you think about the influence your past life and beliefs, and your future!

Tools To Manage Your Mindset

So, to put my very first sentence into some kind of context….”that being continually mindful..about your mindset on a daily basis is going to be integral to your success” here’s a question.

How conscious are you of your predominant thoughts and feelings….on a daily basis?

Are you sufficiently self aware to be able to catch, as they occur, negative and self defeating thoughts which can in turn lead to negative and self defeating behaviours which can ultimately sabotage your business and your success?

If not there’s every chance that the conditioning and beliefs you’ve developed so far in your life, will, on the kind of autopilot that Joe Dispenza talks about in his video.

So let me share with you some of the tools and practices I use to help me manage my mindset:

  • Daily meditation – I use a great little free app called “insight timer”
  • Read or listen to positive reinforcing material for at least 15 minutes daily – I’m currently reading “You Were Born Rich” by Bob Proctor
  • Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people, for example regularly be in touch with the people in the Partnership To Success Community

Summary – Manage Your Mindset

Since very early in my professional career there’s a saying I’ve always had in the back of my mind which is attributed to Henry Ford which goes to the heart of being able to manage your mindset as a critically important ingredient in your success.

And that saying is: “If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t…you’re right”.

Our mindset, what we think about ourselves and our success in this business is something we need to work on every single day.

    4 replies to "Manage Your Mindset"

    • Adam Henderson

      Wow!! That was very thought-provoking for me, I looked at the video to see how long it was when I pressed play and thought 15 mins but then I was quite caught up in what Joe was talking about.
      Those 15 mins seemed like 2 possibly 3 mins.
      Thank you for that post I will definitely check out the app Insight Timer.
      Having the correct mindset appears to be one thing I need to work on, so once again thanks for bringing this to my attention.
      Your writing style very engaging and straight to the point.
      look forward to future posts.
      To Your Success Anth
      Regards Adam

      • anthmac

        Hi Adam,

        I sincerely appreciate you taking time to read the post and for your thoughtful comments. Best wishes to you, Anthony

    • Paul Haylett

      Hi Anthoiny,

      A very thought provoking article. Our mindsets
      are a product of a the world we see around us
      every day.

      I’ve found that by meditating, I wash away the
      stress and judgements I have made, and can see
      clearly where I have to improve as a person, and
      what steps I need to take to begin that next part
      of my journey.

      Stay Awesome,


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