Successful digital marketing campaigns in 2019 needs 3 things.

We’ll get to that in a minute.

But, if this post was written at this time last year in 2018 the requirements for a successful digital marketing campaign may well have been different.

Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns Need Video

successful digital marketing campaign needs to be built around video

I think most people who do online marketing today realise that if you aren’t using video in your marketing you’re probably not serious about your marketing.

The importance of using video in digital marketing has been trending upwards for several years now but it is here to stay.

People are now simply preferring video to text. So, running video marketing campaigns is one of the 3 things you need in 2019 for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns Need Fast User Access To Content

The second thing you need in a successful online marketing campaign has to do with content marketing.

Obviously while the content itself is important, and that it is search engine optimised, the speed at which the content loads for the user is now a major factor.

An article I was reading on the topic of result oriented digital marketing campaigns confirmed that page speed is a vitally important factor in successful digital marketing.

The researcher/author of the article by Jack Mae revealed that 106% of potential customers will bounce off the screen if the loading time is more than six seconds.

Active marketers would also be aware that one of the factors Google now uses in ranking website pages is page speed.

Thankfully I’ve been using a sales funnel builder called “Convertri” which has astonishing page speed – less than 3 seconds to load!

They have done comparison with the page load speed of other well known sales funnel builders like ClickFunels and it beats them hands down.

In my opinion Convertri is just about the very best page builder there is available right now. And it’s mobile responsive too – as you would expect!

Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns Use Influencer Marketing

use instagram for a successful digital marketing campaign

THE place to be today for using influencer marketing these days is Instagram.

According the the article I referred to above by Jack Mae, which you can read in full here, suggests that the influencer marketing industry on Instagram is worth $1 billion and this figure is only going to increase.

Jack Mae correctly points out that classic brands are already on Instagram, and are using well known faces as influencers to expand their reach to their target audiences.

The other factor that seems to makes Instagram a preferred medium is that it provides users with shorter, precise content.

A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign – Summary

The tactics used in digital marketing continue to evolve, and will obviously continue to do so.

The problem is that the pace of change in what is currently working with digital marketing is so fast it’s really hard to keep up with it all.

Right now though if you’re not adapting your digital marketing practices to be built around video, that you’re ensuring your web pages load really fast, and that you’re taking steps to get involved in some way with influencer marketing then you’re probably having difficulty in reaching your target audience.

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