Sometimes it’s the most simple of viral marketing tools that can be the most effective.

Recently I came across and then signed up to use a simple but effective viral marketing tool called “”.

What Is Viral Marketing?

Before I outline what is and how it works let’s clarify what viral marketing is.

The creator of, Nick James, describes it this way:

“Viral marketing is any kind of strategy that utilizes one person passing on a marketing message to others who in turn pass it on to others which continues to spread the message exponentially.

One person passes your marketing message on to others who in turn pass it on to others and so forth until your marketing has reached a wide audience that you never personally came into any kind of contact with.”

Or, as Nick James succinctly puts it: viral marketing is basically “digital word of mouth advertising”.

What Is

While there are many viral marketing methods the developer of favours using “Viral Re-Brandable PDFs”.

His specific intention in using this type of report is that is it designed to be freely shared by anyone who get a copy of the pdf.

This means that ideally, every person who downloads a re-branded pdf will pass it on to their contacts, and those contacts in turn will pass it on to their contacts. And it spreads from there…….just like a virus!

How Does It Work?

You can get started on using this type of viral marketing tool when you have access to any pdf report, or short eBook that you can customise such as that which you might have obtained from private label rights distributors.

This could be material:

  • You’ve written for yourself, or hired someone to write for you from places like,, and
  • Or, perhaps you have private label rights licences to use/modify plr content under your own name, and this could include having master re-sell rights.

In customising the content you will be strategically placing links in the text or images which could lead the reader to any of the following:

  • To your website
  • To sign up to your newsletter or email list
  • Sales and thank you pages on your website
  • As bonus offers, free and pai
  • Webinars or other “how to” or value adding content
  • Your affiliate programs

Viral Marketing Tools – Getting Started

First up you must put together quality content into your document.

People aren’t going to download a document where they can’t immediately see the value in it for themselves.

And if the content is rubbish then they’re certainly not going to share it with their contacts.

Nick James recommends putting together 7-12 pages of content that would solve an immediate problem for your target audience. And usually this would be offered free, as a lead magnet.

Inside your document you could then include links where you’re promoting upsells and/or re-directs to paid offers that add even more value to readers in dealing with the issues you raise in your lead magnet.

If you’re involved in online business you will no doubt be already familiar with these kinds of steps in creating lead magnets to develop leads.

How To Make Your PDF Documents Go Viral

In a nutshell you incentivise your readers to share the document with their contacts.

And among the more compelling reasons your readers will do this are:

  • You pass on the rights to put their brand on the content, thereby enhancing their authority
  • This also saves your reader time because they don’t have to prepare the quality content you’re giving them permission to share
  • You can help your reader generate income for themselves by enabling them to include links in the document to their own affiliate programs and paid offers

Other suggestions Nick James has for incentivising readers to help your document go viral is to make it easy for them to do so by:

  • Preparing sales materials your readers can use to promote your pdf giveaways, and paid offers e.g. graphics, sales letters, videos, blog post articles and email sequences
  • Teaching/showing your readers how to share the pdfs so that they are easy to share

Where Does Come Into This? is both a product and a process for viral marketing.

The Process

viral marketing tools

Nick James has put together an excellent re-brandable pdf which outlines in quite some detail the kinds of processes he uses for viral marketing.

These processes consistently generate for him an annual six figure income.

You can get your copy of his report via this link, or by clicking on the image you see here.

The Product

While there are other products out there that will enable you to rebrand a pdf document, Nick James has developed some software, called which does this for you.

There are basically 5 simple steps to set up the re-brander so that it automatically rebrands your document for your reader.

There’s nothing for the reader to do except enter some contact details, then download, read, and share.

You can see how it works with this explainer video.

What I haven’t explained!

While I have hinted at Nick James’ overall viral marketing game plan I couldn’t really do it justice without making this an exceptionally long article.

Instead, and if this interests you, then grab a copy of his report “How To Create Rebrandable PDFs”

I’ve seen enough in his report, and in my initial attempts to use his process for viral marketing to realise he has put together a really powerful, effective and successful marketing system.

So, if you’re looking to:

  • Increase your social reach
  • Build your email list
  • Make extra sales

Then here’s what to do – grab a copy of Nick’s FREE report and see for yourself what his process, and product is all about…..and then decide if it’s for you.

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