Confused that there are two versions of WordPress… and

If you’re new to the world of setting up a website then let me help to minimise confusion and to help you to choose the version that is most relevant to your needs.

First up though let me explain what WordPress is. Basically it is the software platform you will use to construct your website.

It’s used on approximately a third of all websites, so it’s an extremely popular platform.

Among the reasons for its popularity are that it can used to build all types and sizes of websites, and there’s a huge availability of tutorials to teach you how to use it.

And…. it is relatively easy to learn how to use. and – The basic differences

The helpful, short video below explains most of the important differences. provides you with free access to this open source software.

After you download and instal it, everything else is ‘do it yourself’.

Before you will be able to launch your website you will need:

In my opinion is much better suited to a website which you would use to build a business.

You have the option of installing a premium theme to build a website that is. visually stunning.

With a premium theme you can also build a website that has all the functionality your business needs it to have.

When you compare the costs involved, as shown in the video, it can also work out much cheaper.

Maybe I prefer over because I like to have complete control over an important business asset like a website. is actually a commercially available service.

You get a complete all in one website solution, and initially you can get FREE access.

No hosting is needed.

Having your own domain name is optional (you pay if you want one). What you get is a free subdomain which looks like:

To get started all you need to do is to create an account and then follow the instructions.

It’s a step by step process you follow to put your website together.

And, as you can imagine…. it will take a while for you to complete all the steps.

If all you want a website for is to start a small blog and not pay a whole heap to do this, then this version is most likely for you.

Ultimately, if your website grows (you only get 3GB of webspace),or if you want access to more customisation you will And – Summary

The fact there are two providers of the WordPress platform can be quite confusing for the beginner.

The information I’ve outlined here will hopefully clear up that confusion and help to ensure that you use the version of WordPress that is most relevant to your needs, and your purpose in wanting to set up a website.

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    • Adil K Hussain

      It is indeed a point of confusion. When I was initially creating my blog; I had to step back and see if I’m on the right site.

      But if you are buying a domain and hosting from other vendors; usually they link to right wordpress installation and in that regards most people don’t get that issue.

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